Wow, I see the amount of followers has grown. I’m really surprised! Welcome to all the new lurkers! And to those who are still lurking this weblog, thanks for putting up with my random bla-dee-bla. Well then. How was your weekend, my lurking friend? Mine was okay I guess. Days are getting colder and nights are … More Uhm…?

Bla bla

I guess we all have weird dreams every now and then. Some of them can be quite vivid. Some of them can haunt you even years later. I have this one particulair dream that I’ve had since I was little (about 4 years old) and now, 25 years later, I can still remember that dream. … More Bla bla

Birthday Bunnies

Yesterday, Queen Mashimaro and her sister Queen Noodle had their birthday, along with their brother King Snuff. They are 5 years old now! Queen Noodle lives with my sister and King Snuff was adopted by a friend of ours and his family. Both Queen Mashimaro and her sister were fed with the bottle when they were babies because … More Birthday Bunnies