Audio Abuse

June 2017

It has been a while since I’ve “updated” this part of my online hangout. I’ve been using Soundcloud on and off to dump some random recordings on. Feel free to check it out:

November 2013

As a kid I tried to learn to play the keyboard but never got that far and then I grew older and hardly touched the instrument since. But then last week I felt the silly urge to buy myself a MIDI-Keyboard. I am madly in love with this little thing right now. And since I am still having these silly urges rising up within my ADD being, I then decided to enroll myself in another Indaba Remix Contest. This time I’ve molested Linkin Park ft Steve Aoki’s Waiting For a Light That Never Comes. I somehow managed to make the band sound like a frackin’ boyband.

Yes. I am lame as frack. I am aware of this fact. So… Screw you hippie. And just give it a listen. Click on the link below. Would be nice. Thank you hippie.

January 2013

The Pink Elephant has returned! This time with a slight change in his name, Pinky Elefant will be molesting Tito Lopez’ The Blues in the Indaba Music contest. Here’s a rough copy of the manipulation so far. (It still needs a bit of cleaning up, am aware of that.)

Tito Lopez The Blues – Pinky Elefant’s Cheap Trashy Euro Beat

Click Me

November 2012

The debuting release of The Pink Elephant in my molested version of Linkin Park’s Lost In The Echoes.

June 2012

A slideshow I made for The Listening’s Hosea In C Minor.

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