Wow, I see the amount of followers has grown. I’m really surprised! Welcome to all the new lurkers! And to those who are still lurking this weblog, thanks for putting up with my random bla-dee-bla.

Well then. How was your weekend, my lurking friend? Mine was okay I guess. Days are getting colder and nights are falling sooner here in the land of wooden shoes and tulips. It is the autumn alright. A season of beautiful colorful leaves falling from trees and of special festivities like Halloween and such. It’s also the season of rainy days and the season to catch a cold or the flu or some other form of enfeeblement.

This weekend both my rabbit MIMG-20141018-WA0001ashimaro and I were enjoying the health challenging part of this Fall. I have a fever, a cold and can’t keep in solid food since Friday. I’ve actually lost 5 kilos in 2 days. Seriously, it’s the best diet I’ve ever had!

And in the mean time poor Mashimaro has a chronic condition that affects her bladder, especially when it gets colder. The poor little rabbit refuses to eat when this occurs. And when a rabbit refuses to eat, this can eventually lead to a dead rabbit. So I had to nurse Mashimaro this entire weekend: Rub her with ointments, shove lettuce down her throat and warm her up with cuddles. Which I do with love, really I do. And with the fever it was a whole lot easier to keep her warm too.

It unfortunately meant that I had to skip the Sunday service. And I felt really bad about that, because I sing in the church band and all. But there’s this Japanese saying that goes “It can’t be helped”. So true. Some things just happen because they happen and we shouldn’t make it a bigger fuss than it is.

But, what I did think was nice to hear later from friends and relatives who attended the service, was how everyone had been praying for me and the get well soon messages that swamped my phone. I’m still sick but to know that people care does make a person feel a lil better 🙂

Mashimaro is doing much better too now. She’s eating by herself again, which is a good sign. It allowed me to spend more time in bed and on the can on and off. Always nice.

Hope to feel a lot better in a few days because I have to prep the band for christmas service. Which is in December I know, but time flies fast and we have prepaired nothing yet so. Time to get moving. But first time to get better.

Later my lurking friend.

One thought on “Uhm…?

  1. What a cute bunnie! It dont look sick on the foto. I am sick too now. It sucks, huh? I cant sleep because of it. I have to blow my nose all the time and breaht through my mouth because my nose is full. So ewww. Oh well. Good luck with prepareting for christmas!

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