Birthday Bunnies


Yesterday, Queen Mashimaro and her sister Queen Noodle had their birthday, along with their brother King Snuff. They are 5 years old now! Queen Noodle lives with my sister and King Snuff was adopted by a friend of ours and his family.

Both Queen Mashimaro and her sister were fed with the bottle when they were babies because their mom Queen Snoopie (may she rest in peace) somehow couldn’t feed them. I love Queen Droppie just as much as I love her siblings, but when you have fed an animal with a bottle it just gives you an even more special bond.

It’s almost surreal to think that these chubby little Queens used to be as small as a grown human’s thumb, Noodle was even the skinniest of the entire nest (that’s where she got her name from). Nobody expected Queen Mashimaro and Queen Noodle to live at all. Now, 5 years later, Noodle is infact bigger than all the others.

babybunnyI remember the day when we discovered the nest of baby bunnies, and noticed how thin baby Mashi and baby Noodle were compared to their siblings (Snuff for instance was almost three times bigger when he was a baby). A month earlier, Queen Snoopie had a previous nest with stillborn baby rabbits, and so we were scared for baby Mashi and baby Noodle’s health.

We tried to get some information from the vet, to find out how to raise the little ones by ourselves. The vet just plain out told us to “Give it a rest, rabbits are wild animals anyway.” My sis and I were quite pissed off about that comment. It was then that we decided to find ourselves a vet who isn’t just solely focused on Cats and Dogs. Rabbits deserve medic care  from a vet just as much as any other pet! Just because most rabbits don’t make a sound (which is not true for all rabbits, both Queen Mashi and Queen Noodle “squeek”, “growl” and “moan” whenever they like something or not. Their dad used to snort like a pig)

We searched internet and found our support from a national Rabbit foundation. These people focus solely on the health and wellbeing of rabbits and provide all information needed to raise rabbits in a proper way. We also found a local shelter that takes care of wild and abandoned pet rabbits. This woman does an amazing job, takes care of baby orphan rabbits all by herself with little support from a vet who specializes in rabbits.

AgfaPhotoAnd then in June it is Queen Droppie’s birthday; Momma Snoopie gave birth to Queen Droppie more than a month after she gave birth to Queen Mashimaro and Queen Noodle. It appears that when a momma rabbit gets pregnant she will not have one, not two but sometimes three nests throughout the year from that one 10 second contact she had with daddy rabbit.

So… Hip hip hooray for the little queens! It appears they have the strong will to live just like Bassie, their dad had. They are fighters, just like their parents with a strong will. Very stubborn too…

Maybe they will become just as old as he was; 10 years or even older! That would be awesome. They’ve grown so fast!

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