Taking Queen Mashimaro to the vet

MashimaroQueen Mashimaro seems to be moaning and groaning more than usual; which usually means she isn’t feeling too happy.

We’ve been to the vet with her last week because she didn’t seem to feel that good. I told the vet about the monthly baths and that I actually have to bathe Mashimaro almost once a week now. The vet prescribed some antibiotics to help get rid of the “sticky butt” problem, hopefully for good.

Even though it’s not really a summer-like weather here in The Netherlands, the vet is scared (and so are we) that Mashimaro’s “sticky butt” could cause more problems now that the weather is slowly becoming warmer. Because warmer weather means bugs and bugs are just not what you want to have around your pet, especially not when it has a “sticky butt”.

As soon as we got home from the vet last week, I started giving Mashimaro the antibiotics right away. Things seemed to go a slightly bit better the following days. The vet did say that if Mashimaro didn’t improve because of the medications right away to try it again after a full week.

Well, not a full week has passed yet and Mashimaro seems to be feeling bad again. Today she even refused to eat her favorite veggies! I had to shove the lettuce and some home-made bunny food porridge down her throat this morning, just to make sure she keeps eating something. When a rabbit stops eating, it can go down hill really fast 😦 So I had to feed her like a baby…

So I’m taking her to the vet again in a few hours. It just doesn’t feel right;  she looks so sad with her moaning and groaning, breathing heavily now too 😦 I sure hope it’s fixable. I sure hope it’s just time for another round of antibiotics and that she’ll be better after that.

Visiting the vet with Mashimaro is quite interesting. Even though she might feel sick, she still has the strength to “fly” out of her carrier. A few years ago she literally flew across the vetenarian table, all the way to the corner of the room. This vet was prepared (the woman we saw last week). I sure hope the vet we are seeing today is just as prepared for Mashimaro’s ability to “fly”.

Wish us luck, please 😦

One thought on “Taking Queen Mashimaro to the vet

  1. Oh my goodness, Queen Mashimaro is just adorable! Have you considered to breed with her? If so, I’d LOVE my own baby Mashimaro!

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