Another update: Mashimaro at the vet

mashiSo… I am about to call the vet in 10 minutes to check up on Queen Mashimaro. I’m quite anxious to know how her sleepover at the vetenarian went and if they have any news about her condition.

They said if anything weird happens during the night, they’d call me. It’s been quiet on the phone so I’m assuming all went well so far. Just hoping I can pick her up today so I can pamper her.

Fingers crossed. Praying hard. Hoping for the best.



Well, I’ve just called the vet to check up on her. They weren’t able to make an x-ray just yet because Queen Mashimaro flew again, terrorizing the staff. Even with the help of a male vetenarian and 3 assistants they were not able to hold Mashimaro. And so they are now going to give her something to calm her down to be able to make an x-ray as planned. They hope that they will have more news about Mashimaro around noon.

Gosh… This only makes me more anxious 😦

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