Birthday Bunnies

Yesterday, Queen Mashimaro and her sister Queen Noodle had their birthday, along with their brother King Snuff. They are 5 years old now! Queen Noodle lives with my sister and King Snuff was adopted by a friend of ours and his family. Both Queen Mashimaro and her sister were fed with the bottle when they were babies because … More Birthday Bunnies

Hail Queen Mashimaro

All hail Queen Mashimaro. Yesterday it was time for her sister Queen Droppie to have her monthly bath. Queen Mashimaro needs me to wipe her ass for her as well. So of course today it is Mashimaro’s bath day. Seated on her throne (the couch in the livingroom), surrounded with her favorite snacks, Queen Mashimaro … More Hail Queen Mashimaro

Hail Queen Droppie

Another month has passed. And so; It is Droppie’s bathing day again. Like many royalties, the older Queen Droppie and her sister Queen Mashimaro both are becoming, the more they seem to suffer from too much pampering; And so both of them are a tiny bit overweight. But it’s ok, Queen Droppie takes her excersis … More Hail Queen Droppie