Finally some sunshine again

Finally had some real summer like weather here in Holland. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun shining brightly. It was supposedly 24 celcius. Now of course, compared to countries like Greece or Australia; 24 celcius is nothing. But for Dutch measures, especially after having MONTHS of rainy, almost autumn-like days, a sunny day with 24 celcius is really really nice.

Yes, very grateful for this sunny Monday. Gives us Dutchies the hope that summer will actually be worthwhile. Especially for those with kids who have summer break. Having summer break with only rainy days is just… Not so much fun. Nope, rather have more sun thanks. Could use a lil more color, really.

Had a hard time waking up today; Woke up in the afternoon. Which was nice but… Just having one of those days. Being a woman is great. Once a month however, ya just feel like slapping somebody. I felt like slapping somebody today **slap-slap**. That feeling passed pretty fast though. Ya know what’s even more fun…? Having that “once-a-month” moment with a friend. Yep, my best friend and I apparently share the same dates for that time of the month again. We found that out yesterday. Being bitchy together, snapping and grumping about the most silliest things. Teasing eachother with lame jokes. Making silly remarks about WHATEVER poor soul that happens to be there as well. But all in good fun. It’s one of those days when you just feel like a train-wreck and think; wtf do I care?! And wtf if my hair looks like I haven’t got a comb? WTF you say? Bitch coming out to play today! Yes, good old bloody mary coming to visit is just awesome.

Watched “Donnie Brasco” with Al Pacino and Johnny Depp yesterday night. So glad Johnny shaved that aweful mustache in the movie eventually. He just doesn’t have a face for a mustache like that… The movie by itself was interesting though. Good maffia movie there. Had a good time watching it. The ending was a bit lame yet expected I guess. Not every story has a happy ending. Especially with the theme of the movie, it did fit to have it end the way it did. I just somehow… When they end movies with just a black screen and phrases like “Donnie did bla-bla and the maffia got arrested”… It’s like… WTF?  Why just a black screen? Is that the best they could think of or…? Did they ran out of money?

But maybe that’s just me, wanting to have some nice visual ending. A few mugshots of the guys who got caught. A few shots of Donnie Brasco reuniting with his family in their new house. Anything would’ve been better than just a plain black screen. But ah, tell me about it.

I like that phrase, btw; tell me about it. They said it the whole time in the movie and it’s very much likely that my friend and I will be using that phrase for a while too now. Tell me about it. Tee-hee. Funny mafia movies.


Today, I spend the day with my best friend’s kid again. The poor 8-year-old is the only girl on the block. The other girls are way above her age (14+) and so the other kids her age are boys. The boys were playing outside in a pool today. Normally her friend bangs the door almost every single day to ask if she’d like to come out and play. This time he was so into the fact that there was a pool outside that he forgot to ask my friend’s kid to come and play. She really wanted to go in that pool too. But now that she’s getting a little older, so the kid stated herself, she’s become more shy when being surrounded with too many boys, aparently. So she wasn’t really into the idea of playing in the pool with just boys and her being the only girl. Last year she had no problem with that what-so-ever. But she’s becoming 9 soon, so yeah… I guess it’s… Understandable.

So instead, we put up a little pool for her on the balcony. We played with Playmobil. It’s been ages since I played with those. Had some mad fun with the kid playing with them Playmobil dolls and making up stories as we go along. Like this guy who has an obsession with flip flops and demands his family to wear flip-flops in their day-to-day life, even when they go swimming. The flip-flop guy eventually ended up divorced, teaching toddlers to “keep heads above water”. Yes… Or we made up these kids who were so attached to their bicycles that they even had to go swimming with their two-wheeled holy vehicles. Mad fun with Playmobil.

The weather is aparently going to be nice and sunny for at least 2 more days. I really hope for more sunny days though. The weather forecast predicted upcoming Wednesday to be the hottest day yet; 27 celcius. Definately planning on actually dipping our bodies into some pool on that day.

Tomorrow is another rabbit-bath day. Maybe I’ve mentioned it somewhere before, but I have 4 rabbits; A 10-year-old male, his 5-year-old wife and their 3-year-old daughters. The rabbit family used to be bigger. My sister has another daughter of the rabbit family at her place. There are two others living elsewhere. Yes, mad fun when you discover that that new baby rabbit has become an adult; finding them humping and having her giving birth 2 months later. Mad fun. Especially since 2 of the baby rabbits were under fed and so my sister and I raised those two by hand. Gives a special bond. Feeding a lil rabbit milk is pretty neat.

Bathing rabbits is normally not recommended. They have a substance on their skin and when it’s washed off they get sick easily. But the younger rabbits I have at home are becoming a little chubby. They have a room all to themselves where they can run and play, so they do have the ability to excersise. We don’t over feed them. My mom does like to spoil them though… And so, they are a bit chubby. Chubby in the sense that they sometimes aren’t able to clean themselves in one specific area; they simply aren’t able to reach their tail that well. And so, we bathe them.

Mad fun, bathing rabbits is mad fun, yes. Especially because they aren’t fond of having water on them, regardless of the fact that we use warm water. Especially when they don’t go along with it. I always end up with more scars after rabbit-bath day. The rabbit I fed with the bottle is the worst. Ever seen a rabbit fly? She can fly! She scared the vet about a year ago when we had her vaccinated; she doesn’t like it when strangers touch her. She’s a momma’s girl, really. If my reflexes weren’t that well, she’d flown off that high table the vet had put her on and flew straight through the door! And we know she tends to do that when she becomes scared.

So imagine having to bathe an animal like that; Holding her down, while she becomes annoyed and tries to scratch herself out of your grip. Yes, there’s such a deep loving bond between me and that rabbit… It’s worth it though, she wants to sit on my lap all day after a bath. Cutie-pie 🙂 Isn’t she just gorgeous? XD

Her sister used to struggle during baths. Not as violent as the rabbit I fed with a bottle, though. But we’ve bathed her quite often, unfortunately. She’s more used to it now. Bathing her is MUCH easier now, she’s more calm and relaxed. I guess she has that from her mom. She lookes A LOT like her mom, too. I love the “wild” color she and her mom has. The vet actually thought at first that we found her and the mom outdoors, because of their color. They’re way too chubby to be wild animals, though. Way to soft and gentle too. This lil’ girl is more shy, though.

The mom is such an adventurous soft silly little thing. I have her since she was 7 weeks old. I’ve moved around a lot since then and wherever I went, she went too. She enjoyed sitting on my lap in the car, looking at the moving trees around her. Almost like a dog responds to traviling in a car, just without the barking. She’d just look around, stand on her hind legs sometimes and then relax. She’s so easy going, I can just pick her up and throw her over my shoulder like you’d do with an infant. She doesn’t mind, she likes almost any form of attention. We have to bathe the mom every now and then too. She actually enjoys it.

Well then.. Don’t really have shit else to say. Whatta ya know; It’s Tuesday already?! I better go try and catch some sleep…  There’s a musqito zooming nearby, though. Those bastards love my blood, seriously. Once got bitten in both my eyelids. I have Chinese relatives and actually looked more like those relatives for two weeks straight. Darned musqitoes… Gonna kill some right now and then try to sleep. It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

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