Hail Queen Mashimaro

mashimaroAll hail Queen Mashimaro. Yesterday it was time for her sister Queen Droppie to have her monthly bath. Queen Mashimaro needs me to wipe her ass for her as well. So of course today it is Mashimaro’s bath day.

Seated on her throne (the couch in the livingroom), surrounded with her favorite snacks, Queen Mashimaro is mentally preparing herself for her bath. Unlike her sister, Queen Droppie, Mashimaro hates taking bathes. She prefers sitting on your lap, cuddling or chewing on things.

We gave Queen Droppie and Queen Mashimaro both their own stuffed animal last year. Queen Droppie is quite friendly towards her stuffed animal; she basically kisses it and then leaves it in a corner for the rest of the day.

Queen Mashimaro is something else, though. She tore off the head and legs of her stuffed animal last month.  I guess Queen Mashimaro didn’t really like her stuffed animal O.o

Well now. I better mentally prepare myself for Queen Mashimaro’s bath. During her previous bathing  session last month, she reopened a few scars and scratches on my arm and boob. Yes, her love goes skin deep.

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