Hail Queen Droppie

doppietoppie-sAnother month has passed. And so; It is Droppie’s bathing day again.

Like many royalties, the older Queen Droppie and her sister Queen Mashimaro both are becoming, the more they seem to suffer from too much pampering; And so both of them are a tiny bit overweight.

But it’s ok, Queen Droppie takes her excersis very seriously; Running around and digging holes like a pro.  She has in fact lost a bit of weight already, due to the excersise! I still have to wipe her ass for her, though.

But right now, Queen Droppie is seated on her throne (the couch in the livingroom), watching TV with us. For some reason she is a sucker for Dutch Soaps. Which is great, cause I’ll be needing lots of soap to wipe her ass this time…

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