Rich Chicken Noodle Soup

I was shocked the other day that some people don’t know how to prepare Instant IndoMie!  I was at an Indonesian festival this weekend where they sold all sorts of variations of this great Instant Noodle Soup brand. Some people assumed they could just unpack the uncooked noodles and eat the RAW noodles as is; IT’S SOUP, for crying out loud!! You have to cook it up first! The reason why it’s called instant, is because cooking up this Instant IndoMie takes barely 3 minutes. A RETARD COULD COOK IT.

Here’s a variation, though, of the Instant IndoMie recipe I came up with. A retard could cook this up easily aswell. The ingredients to this recipe can be found anywhere.

The recipe is enough for about 4 servings and takes about 20 minutes to prep and cook in total.


(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the recipe.)


Tips & Variations on this recipe:

  •  If you can’t get your hands on Instant IndoMie (the best noodles soup brand ever), get yourself some PLAIN uncooked noodles or spaghetti instead.
  •  The Instant IndoMie brand comes with spices of its own. Otherwise you could add an entire cube of chicken bouillon to the soup instead, with some Ketjap Asin (Salty Indonesian Soy sauce).
  • When you don’t have frozen veggies, chop up some fresh celery, brocolli and carrots instead.

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