~@/*> WOW! My 100th Blog post: Merah Putih and other movies <*\@~

Well hello there. It’s been a few days since my last entry. Ah yeah… Well then, here goes…

FYI: This is my 100th blog post so far!

I’ve been watching a lot of Whoopi Goldberg movies lately. I saw “Burglar” and “Jumping Jack Flash“, to name a few. Am also planning on watching “The Color Purple“, that movie just gets to me all the time… And of course I’ve watched Sister Act 1 and 2 again. I’m a sucker for singing nuns XD

Whoopie Goldberg is just so awesome! Always been a role model for me. This woman doesn’t care what she looks like. While other woman in movies want to look pretty and glamed up with fake long straight hair and stick-figure, Whoopi wears her dreads with pride and I actually think she is a beautiful woman. The woman speaks her mind, whether other people will like what she has to say or not. Whoopie Goldberg is my hero 🙂 She reminds me of my mom  in a way XD

I’ve also watched Back To The Future with Michael J Fox again, the entire trilogy. Marty McFly and Emmet Brown crazy adventures throughout time, the movie is still entertaining. Eventhough some of the future elements in the movie don’t really make much sense now…

I’m still waiting for those flying cars and that microwave that changes small pizza’s into extra large ones. And where is the pink hoverboard?  I’m still waiting for really good real looking holographic movies. I don’t concider the so called 3D movies we have today as 3D enough. Why the fuck do we need to wear glasses to see a fucking raindrop fall down? Where’s the shark “jumping out of the screen” to bite your head off? Now that would be a realistic movie 🙂 Talk about realistic, how about some clothes that dry and iron themselves? Still waiting for a flying DeLorean to fly through the sky to take me back and forth to the future man. What mad fun would that be… If only…  But hey, it’s not 2015 yet and who knows what’ll happen in 3 years from now. Tee-hee, it was so much fun to watch the movie again XD

Steven Spielberg rocks man, I fell in love with his movies eversince I was a kid and had a dream to one day be just like him. I was 8, cut me some slack. All kids dream to become an actor, actress, musician, a dancer or a movie director… Then you grow older and realize working behind a desk helping costumers with their ongoing questions is just as fullfilling. **cough cough**

Anyway… I love old movies from the 80’s man, they’re great! I also like myself some Asian movies. I’ve download The Raid Redemption, finally. Not because Mike Shinoda did the soundtrack to the movie… It’s nice to know he did, though…

What caught me is the fact that the movie was shot in Jakarta, Indonesia… I didn’t know until recently that the movie is actually Indonesian and the actors in it are Indonesian. Since my mom comes from Indonesia, I somehow felt this craving to download the movie and watch it. I’ve downloaded it, but haven’t watched it yet.

Michael J Fox and Whoopi Goldberg have distracted me the passed days. But I will definately watch it sometime this week. Maybe even tonight.

Another interesting Indonesian movie is Merah Putih. I believe the movie was released in 2009. It tells about the war in Indonesia with the Dutch in 1947. The trailer looked quite appealing. I do hope to find a version of this movie with English dubbs or subtitles. My Indonesian language skills aren’t good enough yet to fully understand the fast dialogs in an Indonesian movie…

This is the trailer, btw:

Well then… I’m going to cook dinner now. Oh, btw: I’m thinking of fixing up my “Tasties section” on this blog. Just for fun. So keep an eye for that, if you do happen to follow this blog. And otherwise; just follow anyway. I ramble a lot but sometimes it can be somewhat useful information I provide… 😛 Like for instance: tips to cook for broke and lazy people (like myself) and stuff like that.


I better go…

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