Chicken Bapao

Bapao (“big bun”) is a steamed bun with a meat or sweet filling. It is actually a dim sum, invented by Cantonese immigrants who traveled from China to several parts of Asia, introducing this wonderful big bun to many other Oriental kitchens. The bapao made its way into the Dutch kitchen via Indonesia, when it … More Chicken Bapao

Make Your Own Fudge

The holidays are coming and you want to be able to serve something sweet? Or maybe you just crave something sweet but are flat-broke and are looking for something quick and easy to whip up? How about some home made fudge? Everybody loves fudge, right?! It’s easy to make and even better; it’s cheap. Most … More Make Your Own Fudge


Gado-gado is a vegetable salad with a peanut sauce dressing. It’s a nice vegetarian dish for during the hot summer days.  For the meatlovers out there, you can serve this dish also with some fried chicken or try some fried mussels if you feel like having an exotic twist to it. The ingredients to this … More Gado-gado