Xbox presents….

When Xbox announced they would be launching new info about the next generation Xbox on May 21st, I was more than ecstatic. So as soon as I was done with work I rushed home and jumped behind my computer to see what wonderful input I had missed so far and whatelse there still is to … More Xbox presents….

Christmas presents

I like giving gifts during Christmas. Even when I don’t receive any in return.  Been bombarding friends and family with all sorts of big and small lil surprises throughout the month. Giving without expecting anything back is just… I can’t explain it, it just feels good to do that around this time of year, ya … More Christmas presents

One of the guys…?

Subscribing to a gym has never really worked for me. What a waste of money that is. It’s not that I don’t like to exercise, it’s just that as a woman I don’t really feel comfortable to be surrounded by all these bulky muscle men. Not because I can’t lift weights, but because I feel … More One of the guys…?