Christmas presents

I like giving gifts during Christmas. Even when I don’t receive any in return.  Been bombarding friends and family with all sorts of big and small lil surprises throughout the month.

Giving without expecting anything back is just… I can’t explain it, it just feels good to do that around this time of year, ya know? I just love the surprised expressions and smiles upon the faces. What I do find a little tricky is that some gifts just tend to be better than others. Some gifts are just plain old corny… But hey, it’s better than nothing of course. Like we Dutch say; never look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s the thought that counts.

And I had my share of corny and awesome Christmas presents too, this year! There’s these two gifts that I really loved from all the gifts I received so far.

Cause I do love video games and there aint nothing more relaxing to me, after a 45 hour week of work, to turn on my Xbox 360 and play my favorite game. Which is of course Fallout 3.

So what beats Fallout 3, you ask? How about Fallout New Vegas! I’ve been wandering The Capital Wastelands of Washington for quite some time now. I’m looking forward to explore the New Vegas area. Am looking forward to it very, very much indeed XD.

Seriously, when I tore up the giftpaper and saw the game Bethesda’s logo I started squealing like a little girl who just had herself that my little pony. The best gift anyone could’ve ever given me! But the silly thing is, though… Somehow I don’t dare to take the disc out of the case to shove it into my Xbox 360 just yet. I don’t know why, really I don’t…. Maybe it’s cause I just restarted as a new cannabalistic child-at-heart cyborg in Fallout 3 a few weeks ago. Hmmm…. Whatever.



The second best thing I received this Christmas was also a video game. But it’s something quite different from the games I usually play. It’s Def Jam Rapstar game, with an USB Microphone included. I’ve been “rapping along” with Snoop Dog, Young Jeezy, Nas and LL Cool J ALL day. At first I felt kind of corny…. But this game is actually quite addicting. It beats rapping along in the bathroom mirror, I can tell ya that XD

It’s quite a challenging game. You can either play against a friend karaoke style or start a “career” and practise each song, master the flow and grow from there. At first the game starts with just a few rap tunes. But, the better your flow becomes, the more songs you unlock.

I’ve unlocked real classics like Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” and Biz Markie’s  “Just A Friend” so far, really nice! Some rap songs are lame though… Some are stuff I don’t concider rap to begin with. Like this track by Soulja Boy called “Get Me Swag On” or something… WTF is that?!?! But hey, when your drunk and having a karaoke rap party with your friends that song will always do I guess. That, and maybe “Just A Friend“, cause that one’s sooooo cute and nostalgic XD

Aside from the few worthless rap songs ever made that are included to the game’s playlist, I am actually very happy with my Rapstar Game.

So thanks Santa; for giving me more material to torment my neighbors with. Those poor new folks who moved in last month do become more grumpy by the day after I’ve had another game session. I tend to play my music loud while wandering through The Capital Wastelands (shooting up Super Mutants with Missile Launchers is just so much fun!!).

But now I will occassionally exchange the loud exploding sounds (accompanied with oh I don’t know, Chester Bennington screaming his guts out or Eminem yelling I don’t give a fuck, just to name a random track that passes by during those gaming sessions I have) with some loud ass RAP TUNES ALL DAY.

Yes… I don’t know what’s worse.

note to self: plug the new speakers into the TV for that dolby surround effect.

But now I think I best just… Unplug the mic for the night and… Better go explore The Wastelands again now. There’s still so many random NPCs to torment out there. And those Super Mutants sure are fun to hunt down.

But first… A smoke…

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