Twitching on a Saturday

A Twitch Stream kind of reminds me a little of way back when I was a kid. Me and a bunch of friends would hang out in the same room, we’d have snacks and drinks and play video games together. Sometimes we would pick a multiplayer game and play together. Other times we would try a one player game and have each of us take turns. And if someone happened to be really good at certain video game, the others would just watch in anticipation as that one gamer would explore all of the game. Those gaming sessions were quite fun.

Recently, I’ve also been playing random video games while streaming on Twitch. Why? I don’t know. I guess I like fiddling around with the streaming software, see how things work. There is more to a streaming session on Twitch then simply hitting the “play button”. Twitch offers various types of tools to be able to live stream and/or record your gaming sessions.

Getting the software to do what it’s supposed to do is one thing. Having people stick around and watch you play a video game for several hours, that’s another thing. The experience of sitting in the same living room and watching someone play a video game vs having several strangers lurking you on an online streaming service; it’s different for obvious reasons. How to be a good streamer is still a bit of a wild guess to me.

There are certain add ons available for Twitch streamers, to offer a more interactive experience for their followers. I’m not sure if I want to use these add ons, though. Thus far I’ve just been quitely gaming and streaming. The fact that I have 6 followers is kind of a surprise, to be honest. Being able to go “live on twitch” is pretty exciting enough, to be honest.

Ofcourse I see how the bigger streamers do it. Streamers such as Oxhorn, LilSimsie and Mike Shinoda all have a thing in common; They all have their own faces on the stream, they have a microphone and talk to their followers while they play their video games. Or I could do what Josh from LetsGameItOut does, just a microphone but no face? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll figure that out along the way?

A game that I’ve been playing while streaming on Twitch a lot these days is Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a beautiful open world experience with an interesting story. The developers of this game have their studio in Amsterdam. And me as a Dutchie likes that idea a lot.

Right. Well, I think I have to go live on Twitch in a few minutes. If you don’t have anything better to do, maybe watch me play games on Twitch? My screenname there is: InfestedHealer1.

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