Bowel traffic jam…

For some reason, we cannot have a normal discussion about it. We tend to giggle about it, joke about it and most of the times are a bit weirded out and grossed out about it: Bowel movement.

If you are lucky, your bowels are always on the move and it will result in being able to make a nr 2 at least twice or trice a week, or more.

My bowels tend to be lazy. They sometimes tend to “chill and stand still”, resulting in a bowel traffic jam. It might sound funny but can actually be rather painful after a few weeks.

I’ve been diagnosed with “Lazy Bowel Syndrom” when I was 12. It runs in the family, no pun intended. I’ve tried all sorts of medication and diets that seem to work for a few weeks, sometimes a few months. But after a while, the traffic jam starts again.

Doctors say it something that cannot be cured. It is something I just have to learn to live with. Some people think I am just joking when I say I cannot eat everything due to this condition. But they can all kiss my bum.

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