Mike Shinoda’s New stuff

gettyimages-907324596-1522351917-640x426Words fail to express how beyond awesomely great Mike Shinoda’s new music is. It is just oh so soo good and you all need to hear it because you will feel oh so soo good.

The songs he’s brought out so far are just…. On my auto-repeat list since they came out. None of the songs seize to amaze my ears. A rollercoaster of emotions. Dealing with the loss of the great Chester Bennington, almost like a therapeutic experience. When I first heard “Place To Start”, “Over Again” and “Watching As I Fall”, I was just bawling like a baby.

But it’s not just about dealing with the loss of Chester, but also struggles of life and adulting in general, I suppose. “Crossing A Line” vaguely reminds me of Phil Collins. It sounds a bit more upbeat in comparison to the other songs, a bit more hopeful. “Nothing Makes Sense Anymore”; the struggles real man.

Mixed emotions, mixed feels. Like a fabulously sparkling unicorn comes with dark rainbows and punched you in the gut and then tickles you on the inside with everything nice. A beautiful kind of pain so surreal.. Deep stuff. So real, raw, so so sooo good. Dang it.

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And oooh-wee-oooh-weeeee! This lil’ piggy is just squealing of joy, because new music usually means promotional touring. Andddddd, indeed Mike Shinoda is touring, coming to Japan and several American and European Festivals. Loving it all so far. Soo soo good, rrrrrawrr. His solo album will come this June and it will be the best thing since shrimp fried rice. The videos are growing along with his growth in the process of this upcoming album.

Well… Thus far my attempt to bring a review. Your best bet is to just lo and behold Mike Shinoda’s new stuff on Youtube. May it bring you goosebumps and all the nice tingly feels.

For more info on oh so soo good Shinoda and his fabulous ass, go to www.mikeshinoda.com.

One thought on “Mike Shinoda’s New stuff

  1. I really love all of them!
    “nothing makes sense anymore”.. that’s my favorite!

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