Insert Nifty Phrase: 6 years on WordPress

It appears that I’ve had this blog for 6 years already. WordPress notified me about it the moment I logged into my account this afternoon. Yay. I am sorry for sharing all my random crap on here for so long.

Wow…. Well of course it would be nice to write a bit about my first attempts of trying to keep a blog. But while I am trying to figure out what motivated me to use WordPress as my online dumpster, I can’t seem to think of anything fun to share. But hey, does it matter?

This random incoherent collection of blog posts shared by this weirdo, after 6 years: it is still here. To this date there’s no specific theme. Unless you could consider “random incoherent crap” a theme. Because through the years, I’ve exposed my lurkers to all my all sorts of random crap for sure. Random attempts to share my wannabe artsy side. Random stuff of whatever it is that I geek-out on, and I geek-out on a lot of things so there’s really no straight line to follow on that. And in between all of that random incoherent rat butt stuff, every now and then I will torment my readers with the nagging about my random day to day life.

This nifty place where I used to feel safe and good for inserting all my random deepest thoughts that I rarely dare to share with anyone because I’m forever alone and pathetic like that. But… Adulting takes over, providing me less time to nag and share random rat poop. And… The safe feel I once had about sharing all my deepest thoughts here in this pathetic excuse of a blog has kind of vanished… The urge to nag publicly on here is not as strong as it used to be. But it is still there and might creep out of the depths of me, occasionally..

But hey, who gives a rats nut about other people’s pathetic thoughts? For now, I will try to share more positive stuff too. Like the Anime Saturday posts and Church Sunday posts. And maybe some random Nifty Interweb Treasures I stumble upon.

I want to thank everyone who’se been lurking this poor excuse of a blog since the very beginning. And I also want to thank those who’ve started lurking just now. For some reason there’s over 660 of you! It’s amazing. Whatever motivated you guys to sign up for my spam and to keep on lurking, thank you so much. Because you guys make me feel less of a forever-alone creepster.

So…. Uhm… Here’s something I made to celebrate this wondrous day. Hip hop hooray! Thanks and have a good day!




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