Rolling with the fatness

Ever looked at old pictures of yourself, thinking back then how fat you were? Yet now you actually are much fatter and all you want is to be as fat as you were back then?


Not sure if I should feel bad about it, though. Because I like eating, I don’t mind not needing an extra sweater during colder weather.

What I do mind is the judgmental stares from these young skinny preppy girls and boys. Or when guys start to be less friendly to you, because you’ve become a bit heavier.

In a way, getting fatter makes other people show their actual selves. They are kind to the skinny chick with curves but rude to the lady who is heavier.

Screw those people. Because almost every skinny person, will someday have a fat person staring back at them in the mirror. For some it’s in their 30’s, for others maybe years and years later. They call it karma and it’ll bite you eventually… When that day comes, they will feel crappy for being mean to the fatty!



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