Always on the go

Another weekend almost over. It is Sunday. A blue sky with the sun shining fiercly throughout the entire weekend. But, it was rather cold.

Saturday I met up with my brother and father again for our Coffee and Cookies Club gathering at grandmother’s place. We looked through old photo albums in attempt to see what memories would surface from granny’s demented mind. Lately she has vivid memories of the dogs she owned back in the 60’s.

It is always with mixed emotions that I visit granny. On the one hand very grateful that she is now 95 years old, still eats well and from time to time can crack a joke. But whenever this visit comes to an end and we announce “Granny, we have to go. See you soon.” That’s when granny asks “When can I go home?”… It just breaks my heart everytime. Neither my dad, brother or I will ever get used to that.

After visiting granny, I usually travel along with my father to his place, to spend the rest of the weekend with him. It is a 1,5 hour drive from granny’s house to dad’s place. We cross a dyke that seperates two waters. It is quite a nice view every time. Mind soothing.

Once at dad’s place, he shows me the little Christmas tree I gave him last Christmas. It is still standing on the table in the livingroom. He doesn’t want me to put it in the shed until next Christmas because he likes the lights of the tree, he claims.

Then dad turns on the TV to watch a soccer game. It is not my favorite activity but he seems to enjoy it when I sit and watch it with him. As a way to spend time together.

Usually I find ways around it. I go grocery shopping and cook up a few meals for him to eat during the weekend and for the weeks to come. And if there is still soccer on TV after, I will sit and watch with him.

They say dementia is an illness that can be passed on for generations to come. The chance that my father could become demented like granny is big. Of course I hope my dad will have a good memory for years to come.

As I sit here in the train to go to my next destination, I hope that when he does have to suffer of dementia one day, that he will still remember weekends like these. Memories that we make each weekend, when we eat dinner and watch his favorite sports together.

The bible teaches us Christians that one of the 10 commandments is to honor your parents. Especially now that we are all getting older, now that they are aging, doing whatever is possible for them is so important.

Off to church now. Have a blessed Sunday!

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