Having a domain name feels so fancy….

After a wonderful day at work I came home and noticed the blue envelope on the doormat. Receiving a blue envelope in the land of windmills and wooden shoes brings any cheese head to go through mixed emotions. One goes from curious, annoyed to scared and then back to curious again. Because when the Tax Services send you a letter, it can either be good or bad news.

The first months of every year are financially the least interesting for almost anyone. After spending too much during Decemberween holiday season, we try to watch our wallet. And that’s when Tax Services come and rub it under your nose that as long as you are living and breathing, you will have to pay for that.

Like with any other popular and highly favored Governmental Service, it feels like the Tax Services are run by a bunch of idiots. I must say, once you’ve seen the inside of that kitchen, you just feel really dirty…. Not even the inside of a cheap Chinese take-away restaurant is that dirty! And the last one is probably run by more professional folks!

It does not always have to be a bad thing, when Tax Services send you an infamous blue envelope. And thankfully, it was not half bad for me. Actually, Tax Services gave me quite a nice surprise!

You know what it is?






I got a Tax refund!


*does a little dance*

It’s not like I’m mighty rich now. Not at all, actually. But you know what? Just the thought of having some extra money to spend is always more than welcome, isn’t it? 😛

While I’m in this festive mood, I felt like treating myself.

Usually this means I would just go out on a shopping spree. You know, get out there to buy myself yet another supposedly fancy dress that I might wear just one time and will just wind up on “too-much-clothes” mountain eventually.

Image result for clothes mountain meme

But this time, I figured to go and buy myself a domain for this poor excuse of a blog of mine and for this blog. Isn’t that just fancy? I’m also going to maybe chance the layout too, it’s been months since I’ve done that. But all in good time, no rush.

From now on, my lurking lurkers, I’d like to welcome you to lurk along on insertniftyphrase.com!

Yes! That place some of you have been lurking for quite some time now. Where incoherent off the beaten path ramblings and what-nots are shared, just to make others feel better about themselves and let all of you know: Don’t feel bad because crap can always be worse; you could end up like this good forsaken excuse of a blogger 😛

But hey, at least I got my fancy domain though. So fancy! Yay!

Have yourself a nifty day! And let’s do another happy dance, because life is just like this fancy Elaine Dance!

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