It’s the season for clogged ears

Friday morning I woke up completely deaf in my left ear and with a bit of an irritating feeling in my right ear and also a sore throat.

Eventhough the pain was getting pretty bad, I wasn’t too worried. There’s nothing that a bit of Indonesian herbal oil won’t fix, so I thought.

This entire weekend, it was becoming quite a challenge to pretend to be able to hear as normal… Resorting to common responses such as “Yes. No. Oh. Oh really? Oh ok. Very good. How Interesting. Oh wow.” After a while, it gets rather annoying, you know…?  The pain in my ear was getting worse, but I told nobody about it. Not my grandmother, not my dad, nor people from church.

Suddenly not being able to hear well, it is rather embarrassing and it makes me feel like I’m an old lady. Practicing with the church band was rather embarrassing, because I can’t hear certain tones very well at the moment.

Monday I went to see the doctor to see what the cause of this pain in my ear is. Turns out I’ve got an ear infection that started out as a cold.  The doctor prescribed me some oils that I need to drip into my ears 3 times a day for a whole week.

I really hope the infection will be gone before Christmas. Singing Christmas carols without being able to hear is just so… Not cool…. 😦

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