Random Tuesday

Yeah…. Well uh….

Excuse me while I insert some random nifty stuff. Yup, I’ll just incoherently copy/paste whatever I stumble upon while googling the term “random” and will share whatever I find right here in this random Tuesday blog entry.

You must feel very lucky to be able to witness all of this randomness!

Google search attempt 1: Random Gifs










Google search attempt 2: Random Joke

Google search attempt 3: Random video

Well… Wow… I am bored already.

Thanks for scrolling down and reading this random ramblings that followed after the random gifs. Do me a favor and please enjoy yourself today, tomorrow and the day after that. Enjoy yourself as much at random as possible. Life is short and most if not all of the monkey poop we get thrown at us is all at random.

God be with you.

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