Meh Monday

After 3 weeks of being home sick, I finally went back to work today. I still have a cold, my head hurts and stuff. But hey, that’s what medication is for. To fake it til you drop.

My first workday after being sick for weeks was a great one. Not only are we understaffed, it was ridiculously busy all day. Grumpy snobby people with a bad attitude and the occasional super friendly person. Yeah. It was swell, very nice.

My new mattress cover was delivered this weekend while I was visiting my father and grandmother. After a stupendous time of a very busy day at work, I went home and figured I could fix my queen sized mattress all by myself. The mattress had to be taken upstairs, to the bedroom of course. For some reason I thought it would be a piece of pie to fix this all by myself without any help.

Well, it was an interesting body work out, for sure. It felt like having a wrestle match. The mattress put up quite a fight. And after hours I must confess that the mattress won. My back hurts like crazy.

Well. This sure was a meh Monday alright. Not bad, not awful. Just meh. But it could be worse. And I rather not think of that. Nope…


Time to look up my old mattress for a well deserved coma.

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