Unofficial Listening/Viewing Party Linkin Park Celebrate Life

This Friday, October 27 at +/- 7:45 PM PST Linkin Park and friends will do a special show in honor of Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Bowl. Some lucky fans may have managed to get their hands on a ticket to experience the event live. For the millions of fans worldwide that cannot be there physically but are lucky enough to have an internet connection, Linkin Park will also share the show with a livestream.

Thanks to one of the awesome moderators and regulars of the LP Underground, an unofficial chatroom with video option is set up on  It is a fun website where one can make profile and use a dancing avatar for free, create playlists and enjoy this with other music lovers while chatting. It is a fun place and quite fun for anyone.

Through this platform, us regular LP Underground members usually meet every Friday for fun. This upcoming Friday we will have a special meet regarding the Celebrate Life Event with Linkin Park and friends. Which means that we will watch the livestream together with numerous of fans around the world.

Everyone who loves Linkin Park and loves Chester Bennington. For everyone who needs a place to grief. For anyone who wants to celebrate Chester Bennington’s life. All are invited to join us this upcoming Friday at the

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