Anime Saturday

Did the week fly by for you as well? Weekend is here! Time for some fun and relaxing. Right?

It is another Saturday and you know what that means? Time for Anime! Last Saturday I shared Beyond The Boundary 1. It would only be fair if today I would share the sequel of that wonderful movie.

Hope you have some snacks and drinks while you sit back and watch this one. Enjoy!

Beyond The Boundary 2

One year after the events of the original series. Mirai has lost her memories, and Akihito separates himself from her in an attempt to protect her from her painful past. Despite the heartache it brings him, Akihito is determined to protect Mirai’s happiness as she moves through life as a normal human being – but when dark forces stir, she may be forced back to the front lines in the fight against the youmu, and re-open the wounds of her past.

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