Getting rid of old stains

For the passed few weeks, I was considering to purchase myself a brand new matras. My back feels rather painful after a good night sleep and I figured that maybe a new mattress would help.

Maybe it’s weird, but somehow with my current salary I can afford treating my mom on a lovely midweek to the south of the country to a village hardly anyone wants to visit and maybe going to a rock concert. Yet, a brand new mattress for my Queen Sized bed is pretty much not in my budget at the moment.

Priorities; Mine are not like yours and yours are not like mine. But fudge that, my wallet doesn’t stretch, alright?

Then earlier this week, the doorbell rang. Woozy off the meds, I stumbled my way out of bed and down the stairs to answer the door. On my doorstep stood a friend with a wide grin.

“I got you a new NASA foam matras!” he said.

I was still woozy and not perceiving smells, colors and sounds like a normal being. I have to thank the flu for that, which has kept me home bound for weeks. Despite of that, somehow my friend and I dragged the matras out of his car and into my living room.

Once inside, my friend gave me some more information about this supposedly brand new NASA foam matras. It was apparently owned by his cousin, who bought it brand new in 2015. Which means the mattress should be 2 years old.

Image result for disgusted memeThe thought of sleeping on a used mattress owned by a stranger kind of creeps me out. You don’t want to know what people do on their mattress….

Of course, this mattress came with some souvenirs; Dark old stains. Thinking about the origin of these souvenirs makes my stomach turn, so I rather not think too much about it. A plus side is that the stains only appear to be on the removable Mattress cover.

Why I didn’t just tell me friend to take that dirty used mattress and bring it back to whatever disgusting place he got it from? I honestly have no answer to that…. Perhaps it was the fever. Maybe it was the fact that I am too much of a woos. All I know is; My friend stood there, proud of himself, thinking he did me a favor. He did all this effort into bringing me a mattress with his car.

My friend said the stains could be removed with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and salt. Before I could say anymore, my friend smiled from ear to ear, said “Glad I could help!” and left.

Related imageI’ve tried everything to get rid of the disgusting brown stains on the matress cover… From aggressive cleaning products such as Dr Proper and Vanish to the numerous of google DIY tips there are to find. Nothing seems to work to clean this dirty covered in old stains mattress cover.

Either those numerous DIY tips I’ve found online are not as good… Or, maybe I’m just bad at cleaning stuff… Or, the stains on the mattress are of an even more disgusting origin that just cannot be cleaned out that easily.

But I’m not giving up. I will get this mattress clean! And I’ve found just the thing to get it as clean as possible: By purchasing a brand new mattress cover. The brand new mattress cover will arrive hopefully this weekend. Which happens to be the weekend when I am supposed to visit grandmother. Thank goodness for the pills the doc gave me that will help me through these upcoming days. Yay.


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