Rambling some more

It is now 3 weeks that I have been sick at home. It has been 4 days since the doctor gave me new meds. The meds help me sleep at night. My boss doesnt understand how someone could suffer from the flu for such a long time. I told them what the doctor told me; everybody responds differently to being sick. To top that, my bowels have been a pain. I feel like a balloon that is about to burst. It hurts. It sucks.

I tried making a new appointment with the doctor, but the assistent who was on duty at the doctor’s office told me to try and wait it out just another few more days. Maybe they are right and it will just get better in a few days.

But, somehow I feel worried and not taken serious. Not sure what to do now. I suppose all I can do is pop another pill. Darn I want this to go away so bad. Darn…

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