Anime Saturday

It’s Saturday so that means another post with, in my opinion, a great Anime! Grab yourself some snacks and drinks, put the movie on fullscreen and sit back and enjoy!

This anime is based off a novel, there’s a complete series of it and 2 movies. Not many reviews I’ve found about this Anime are too enthused about the story. I personally never read the novel, never saw the series. The Anime movies are interesting in my opinion, though.

If mysterious fantasy creatures, a bit of teen drama and crazy violence is your sorta thing, you will at least be entertained.

Beyond the Boundary 1

Akihito, who appears human but is actually half yomu with the power to quickly heal himself, sees a freshman girl who appears ready to jump from the school rooftop. The girl, Mirai, who has the ability to manipulate blood, which is unique even among members of the spirit world, continues to fight her isolation. Akihito decides at that moment to save Mirai, but disturbing events soon begin to unfold.


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