Ramblings at night

Thoughts are raging through my head. What if I did this instead of that? What if I tried something new? What if I finally managed to actually get things done? The things that need to be taken care of, the things that I’ve been postponing for so long.

Hating myself for not being able to finish what I start. Feeling lost in myself. Nothing seems to make sense. Am I dancing in circles? Why do I resort to this same repetitive game time and time again? It’s never enough, never good enough.

Dreams remain dreams and slowly haunt as night terrors. A fuzzy mind, a clogged up memory of things that should have happened instead. Basically it’s all just a pile of regret. What to do? What to do with myself?

Keeping myself prisoner, trapped by the same-old-same and things that never seem to change. Nobody to blame but my own weak personality.

Something has to be done. Something has to change.

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