Sunday again

Another Sunday. We had another meet of our little club gathering this weekend. Two days where myself and often my little brother set our alarms early to meet at our local trainstation, to travel to the place where our father awaits us. Together, another weekend spent with father and grandmother.

Grandmother has Alzheimer. Eventhough she hardly remembers who my brother and I are, sometimes even forgets that my father is her oldest son; she always seems to look forward to the gathering of our Coffee & Cookies Club.

My father makes us a fresh pot of coffee. We sit together, enjoying the freshly made coffee and a cookie. Sometimes we will look at family photos. Sometimes, grandmother will share a memory of when my father was younger. Sometimes she will sit silently while staring into nothingness with a blank face. Every now and then she will smile at each of us.

After a few hours we serve her a hot meal. Her menu exists out of a bowl of soup, a huge plate with a typical Dutch meal and a dessert afterwards. She eats it all. It is something neither my brother, father or myself would be able to consume in such a short amount of time. Grandmother claims that her ability to eat a 3 course meal every day is one of her secrets why she gets to be this old.

Next week we will have a very special gathering. My uncle and aunt will also attend. For next week, my grandmother will turn 95 years old.

My brother and I have not seen our uncles and aunts for years. I must confes that I have some mixed feelings about it. It will be an interesting day, however. A Sunday to be grateful for.

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