Why is everyone so nice?

Being too friendly with co-workers; With my current job I’ve been kind of careful when it comes to that. I help my co-workers wherever I can. Most of them are really nice people. Some of them aren’t.

I’m sure we all have our reasons why we are the way we are. Or, why we display ourselves the way we do to the outside world. We have no idea what the underlying true reason for someones behavior could possible be. So I  try not to judge. I try to treat my co-workers and customers all the same way; Friendly and kind but with a certain distance.

There was a time, with old jobs I had in the past, where I would hang out with my co-workers after work time too. We would go out for drinks, share stories and laughs and then see each other at work the next day again. It can be nice. It can also lead to unneeded frustration and ain’t nobody really got time for that.

The other day I overheard a few co-workers about how they wanted to go out for drinks. They apparently all have group app now and plan get-togethers. One of them asked me if I knew about the dinner date that was scheduled for this week.  I am not included in this group app. And so of course I would not know of this dinner date. I just smirked and said “I’m not part of the in-crowd and I’m fine with that.”

An awkward silence fell, followed by my co-worker mentioning that Mister whathisface was in the same app and that the dinner date was planned by him. I somehow felt a bit crappier thanks to that.

Who’s Mister whatshisface? Mister whatshisface is someone I knew from a long time ago and ended up working with in my current job. From the first day we said hello again there has been this weird vibe. Neither him or I would acknowledge the fact that we knew each other from back then but we would taunt and jeer one another whenever we had a banter moment. It meant nothing. But then he found another job and I didn’t even have the balls to say goodbye like a normal person. Because I’m a social awkward idiot and I am great at not being not a normal person.

And now it turns out Mister whatshisface is chatting with all my current co-workers in one group app because of course he has worked there quite a while and they built up quite the friendship. And I’m not included. And I shouldn’t care. But I do?

Why? I have no idea.

Yesterday my co-workers greeted me with the warmest smile and acted as if they hadn’t seen me for ages. Most of them are really sweet and kind people, really. But somehow I couldn’t help but wonder why they were so overly nice this time? Did it have to do with something that happened during that specific dinner-date with Mister whatshisface?

So glad it is almost weekend so that I can try and reset myself….




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