Cheesy dress

Cheese is good with almost anything! cheesydress.png

I love cheese. Cheese on a nice brown wholewheat sandwich, or on a grilled cheese sandwich. Cheese, with a fried egg or with macaroni. French cheese on some toast with a glass of wine. Pizza with loads of cheese. Lasagna with cheese. Or, just cubes of cheese as a snack. Hmmm, I love cheese!

A while ago I tried to create a cheesy design. Just for fun. It is available, along with all my other random nifty designs, at my very own Redbubble shop. Most of my designs can be printed on all sorts of fun handy objects and apparel.

Recently I’ve noticed that one certain particular piece of clothing has become rather populair among my customers: The Cheese Dress. It is one of the most ordered products at the moment. It’s nice to know that people love cheese so much that they are willing to wear it!

Would you like your own cheese dress or a fun cheese shirt? Feel free to go and visit my Redbubble shop now and order yours today!

For a limited amount of time, you can purchase stuff on RedBubble with a couponcode and receive a 20% discount! Use: FINDIT20

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