September already

212190-xTime sure flies. It just flies.  August went by rather fast. But also rather slow.  Whether you have fun or are bored out of your ratty behind; Time, it flies.

Last week I had a talk with my job agency. My contract was going to be extended for another year. Hip hip hooray for me. My, do I come across as enthused, huh? I am so enthused. So thrilled.

The lady at the job agency asked me how I was doing and all that random stuff. She said she noticed how I’d become rather mellow in comparison to my 1st day at the job over 8 months ago. I brushed it off and just told her I’ve been rather busy but that nothing’s up.

candleTruth is, I’ve been in mourning for a while now. Dealing with loss and other crap the passed few months. I guess it’s made me less enthused than usual. But I wasn’t going to tell the job agency that I was mourning the death of Chester Bennington. Nor did I want to tell her about how heartbroken my little family is when little Noodle Bunny died in my brother’s arms only last month.

Whenever I enter my garden, I pass the grave of Droppie Bunny. Only last year, Droppie died by the hands of an inexperienced veterinarian. To this day I wonder if she’d still be alive today, if I hadn’t taken her to the vet that dreadful afternoon last year.

Droppie’s grave reminds me of her parents and her siblings who have all died too a few years earlier.

And now, with Noodle Bunny gone, with Droppie’s sister dying in my brother’s arms last month, came an end to the bunny era. Noodle Bunny was the last one, the last tie we had with the rest of the bunny family.

For over 20 years, we’ve had generations of bunnies living with us.

Most of the bunny family got to live long lives. They were all unique and special in their own ways. It broke my heart when my brother called that something was up with Noodle. I rushed to his place as fast as I could. But somewhere deep down, we both knew it was her time. Noodle lived to be 9 years old. Which is a lot longer than the veterinarian expected when she and her sister were born.  Noodle and her sister Mashimaro were handfed, fed with the bottle by my brother and I. We literally raised those two and had a special bond with them. Noodle was born as the smalled and the weakest of the entire bunny nest, but turned out to be the strongest. She outlived all her siblings.

I miss each one of them very much. But I can’t… I can’t do it anymore. No more bunnies…

Life is so short. We take it for granted at times. I too am guilty of this.

All these deaths in a short period of time just wears one out, ya know? Most of the days I just try to be busy so I won’t have to deal with the drama. Best to try and focus on other things. Roll on, like a stone off a cliff. Life is so short. We take it for granted at times. I too am guilty of this.

September is here. This month I will try to focus on my work and have a few special birthdays coming up. My mother will turn 70 and my grandmother will turn 95 this month, in the same week. I plan to take my mother out for a week of pampering to celebrate her birthday. She deserves it. My grandmother will have a house filled with her children and grandchildren on her birthday. Which on itself is a special thing on its own.

By the end of the month of September I’ll be attending the Papa Roach concert in Tilburg. I look forward to this so much. Jacoby Shaddix underwent surgery recently and I was a bit scared that he’d have to cancel the European Tour. But thus far there is no news of that. So I assume the concert will take place as planned. Can’t wait!

What are things you look forward to this month?

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