Why do the good ones always go too soon?


A month has passed since the tragic death of a great vocalist, musician and person. Tears welled up in my eyes, when I logged onto Facebook earlier today and saw another top 20 of Chester Bennington’s best screams. Why it triggered me to bawl is beyond me. Not that I don’t give a crap. I just thought I had gone passed the crying stage and moved on…

There were more tributes created to honor Chester in the passed few weeks; beautiful graffiti murals and cover songs performed by other known musicians and fans, and ofcourse there’s the Chester Bennington tribute in Kerrang! Magazine that got sold out in rapid speed.

elvis-presley-american-crew-2016-grooming-collection-002-800x988My father is a huge Elvis Presley fan. His favorite singer would’ve been 82 years old today, if he hadn’t died in 1977 at the age of 40. About the same age Chester Bennington died only a month ago.

Like a lot of men, my father is not the type to cry in public or even get too emotional around other people.  He vents his emotions through the music of Elvis, really. Lately, he favors to listen to the old gospels sung by Elvis. My dad expressed how much of a pity it is that Elvis will never make a new song again. I suppose my dad and I both know now what it’s like to lose another favorite musician too soon.

I slowly try to listen to my favorite Linkin Park music again. Some songs are easier to listen to than others. Especially the older stuff the band made but also stuff that was only available via the LPU. But for me and I suppose for a lot of others in the fandom, One More Light album still is hard to listen to, though.

Some day I will be just like my dad and listen to that same band when God willing I’ll be old and gray. Enjoying their music, because of good memories. But also a little sad to know there will never be a new song from this band in that form to make good memories with.

The death of Chester stirred up something positive too in the LP Army. All over the world, fans have held gatherings in memorial of their fallen Sergeant. Some of these people have actually grown even closer during these days of grief and mourning. I’ve actually gotten to know so many wonderful people even better, since that dreadful day of only a month ago.

On the exact day when Chester was found dead, Linkin Park released a new music video. This video was meant as a bit of a tribute to the LP Army, to the fans. But since a month ago, this video has become more like a tribute to the fallen Sergeant. It’s one of the few One More Light songs that I can actually enjoy to listen and watch, without crying. Perhaps because I was there to witness a part of the tour where they used the footage for the video from. I don’t know.

All I know is that it seems like the good ones always seem to go too soon. The unique ones, the ones that aren’t comparable with anyone else you’ve heard or seen. They will all be greatly missed. But thankfully, we can still enjoy what they’ve left behind. Great music will last long after. And that’s a comforting thought.


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