It is a Wednesday night. Another workday survived. The weather was quite nice. Some customers were rude, some were kind. Today was doable.

You know what isn’t doable? Forcing oneself to write a blog entry without inspiration at all. Writing several random words to form a sentence, hoping that once the next sentence rolls out that it’ll all make sense. But uh… Does it now?

You know what else doesn’t make sense? The supposed free antivirus with its supposed “good intentions”. It pops up in the corner of my screen with a warning that my device might suffer from “undefined performance complications”. I’ve seen this pop-up before. It usually happens when the trial period is over.

At first I got worried and tried doing a scan asap, because that’s what the antivirus advises. So you have the antivirus do a scan. And then before it can show the results, it will ask you to upgrade the software to a paid version because otherwise you can’t see the results of the scan.  What other solution is there to fix the supposed undefined performance complications? Well, according to the antivirus you can’t do a thing without the upgrade.

Uh? Sure… What a load of crap. Maybe I should install another antivirus.


They’re airing old James Bond movies on TV. I was never much into the whole hype about this supposed fascinating character. It is not that I despise it. I just don’t like it. Nope. It just makes me cringe.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Another workday to survive. After that it is finally time for a long weekend. Friday to Sunday night is time for fun and relaxing.  I cannot wait. Tomorrow will be doable too.

Well. I better stop for now. Thanks for lurking.

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