It’s not what you think

Last Saturday night, I went to Amsterdam. This weekend, Amsterdam is decorated with rainbow flags. Every main street, every canal, every bar is filled partying folks. Because it turned it was Pride Weekend. Pride Weekend for those from the  LBGT community and those who support them.

Last Saturday night, I went to Amsterdam. I met up with a few friends. There we tried to find a not so crowded place for some drinks. There was music playing loudly from cafes and bars. People dressed up in colorful outfits and with glitter on their faces filled the streets. 

After finishing our drinks, we crossed the street to enter a not so crowded movie theatre, to watch a colorful movie. A movie about diversity, betrayal, loss and the power of forgiveness and love. A movie about strange creatures and far away worlds. 

Last night people in the  streets outside were celebrating, clothed with rainbow colors. Meanwhile, my friends and I were enjoying; Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It was quite an interesting experience. Exactly what I expected; A mix of Avatar meets Star Wars, on crack. Totally worth the watch! There were a few meh moments but if you’re into fantasy worlds and space creatures, surely you will enjoy this. 

Afterwards we rushed our way through the streets of Amsterdam to find our car to head to our homes. Without planning it, we experienced a very colorful evening.

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