Resisting to kick the face

Well hello Monday! Wow, how fast have you arrived… It was not unexpected, not much of a big surprise. The weekend is barely in my rear-view. Yet there you are; accompanied with everything that makes you such a lovely day to just fast-forward through. If only I could skip you.

Monday. What another wonderful day it is. Another day where I need to pretend I know how to use my people skills. Another day filled with people doing their utmost part in making this planet a less enjoyable place. I’m trying hard to fight the urge to kick someone in the face.


Another Monday with silly know-it-alls queuing in. Selfish bastards without bungholes, who want things their way so badly they start insulting in hopes to persuade to get things done their way. Throwing a fit like a toddler, hoping to hurt some feelings while they’re at it. But you know what, mister and madam know-it-all? On days like these I don’t feel a thing and I’m as numb as statue. Silly know-it-alls are wasting their effort for nothing.

Monday, oh Monday. It is not your fault. But, we have to blame something, when nothing else seems to make sense. Thanks for coming by once again, Monday. See you in another few.


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