Must-see movies this summer

Last weekend, during a hefty storm with rain pouring like we were driving through a waterfall, I saw this car driving by with the top down. This individual had a wide smile on their face. They seemed to genuinely enjoy the rainy summer days.
But what if you rather enjoy the rain, while having a roof over your head? Maybe even with some entertainment, tasty beverages  and some  snacks? 

There are so many movie titles coming out this summer. What better to spend these rainy summer days than watching a good movie or two? 

A lot of new movies promise to be a memorable watch. How many of them actually will be at least that? How many if them will end up a waste of valuable dancing in the rain time? 

A few weeks ago, some friends and I did an attempt to watch Alien: Covenant. I grew up watching the powerful performance by Sigourney Weaver in the original masterpiece. It is a trend these days to just take a marvelous classic to chuck in a blender with steroids and everything else that makes this current decade a waste of time and space… The result is either meh or wtf… Or kinda neat…

I won’t write down anything specific about this meh rendition. No spoilers; in case a poor sci-fi fan plans to see this one while it’s still available on the big screens or maybe in  the comfort of their own home. 

What I can only state is that I’m grateful for the various torrent sites we can resort to these days. If I had paid for a movie ticket, I’d feel robbed. And I do have to point out that my friend, who usually pees her pants for horror and thriller movies, fell asleep somewhere during the beginning.

But there’s still plenty of rainy summer days ahead.. There’s plenty of movies that might still be worth the while. 

 3 Must-see Movies 

  • Transformers: The Last Knight 

 Here’s the thing; I’ve watched the cartoon series as a lil whiny girl and always thought Optimus Prime was the shizzle. I’ve seen all the previous movies in the franchise. Of course I must see this one too! 

In short: Transformers are outlawed. Optimus Prime is away in search of the creator and by the hands of evil he’s turned bad. Megatron is a tool like always. 

Sounds exciting to me!


  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Based on the comic book series “Ravian” by Pierre Christin. A scifi fantasy film alsi described as Star Wars on steroids, by the guy who brought us The Fifth Element

The trailer gave me the same hopeful expectations like Avatar, back in the day. Mysterious worlds and aliens and all that jazz? Yeah, I’d sure like to see that!


  • Hitman’s Bodyguard 

A special protection agent (Ryan Reynolds) is tasked with guarding the life of his mortal enemy, who is one of the world’s most notorious hitmen (Samuel L. Jackson), and taking him from England to the International Court of Justice

Hilarious! The picture alone made me cry of laughter.


Obviously there’s a lot more available or coming soon to a movie theatre nearby. But. The 3 titles mentioned above are the few that seem the most appealing right now, to me.

Is there a movie you look forward to see this summer? Which one is it? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

God speed ✌

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