Sunday shorty

God is so good. There where we as humans cannot provide or fail to do things for others, He goes before us and is there to carry us and our loved ones through the storms of our lives. Once again He showed me how great He is today. The power of faith and prayer goes beyond our own understanding. 

Never have I fully understood the importance of enough vitamin B. Not until I saw my grandmother this morning. My grandmother is 94 years old and suffers from Alzheimer and a dysfunctional thyroid, plus several other medical conditions that unfortunately are rather common for elderly people.

Last Monday when I saw her on the second day of Easter, the poor old woman had difficulty figuring out where she lived and had more difficulty moving around than usual. Again the discussion with my dad rose up whether grandmother shouldn’t be moved to a retirement home with 24/7 care. But the family diesel want to hear it. 

It feels rather frustrating to not be able to convince them all that there has to be a better way for granny to go through elderly years. But I know God is watching over her and she is a strong woman despite her health issues. All I can do is pray for her and trust that God is it control.

Today my grandmother was very good spirited, moved around a lot faster and was even able to join in on conversations and cracked jokes. The upcoming week she will have a gathering with other seniors to celebrate Kingsday and she was very excited for it already.

My dad and I were of course very happy to find her in such a good state this morning. It turned out that my grandmother’s nurse gives her an extra shot of Vitamin B. This makes the old lady a lot more energetic and as a result she is good spirited.
It was a blessing to grandmother today. God truly is with her. Thank You Jesus!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for lurking 😊

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