Imperfectly Genuine

580200979547d50d0eabc0945684b175Whenever asked “How are you”, which actually is an open question that could result in all sorts of answers yet somehow always is responded with the same answer by every single person you meet “I am fine”. Even when they are not fine, they will say they are fine. Maybe they really are doing fine, but even if they were going through some bad things, most people will still say “I am fine.”

Nobody is supposed to know or see the flaws we try to hide so badly. We are all “doing fine”, even when we are falling apart on the inside. We may be going back to a not so fine home, because maybe that home is a war zone. We may have a not so fine relationship with our big family, because nobody gets along. We may have self absorbed kids who just take and take and don’t care about what their parents had to sacrifice to be able to offer such a carefree existence for their kids. Maybe we have all sorts of health issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Maybe we are struggling with all sorts of nasty addictions and filthy habits. Maybe we are still tormented by trauma caused in our childhood. Or maybe we are all alone, with not a single friend or family member to go to.

When asked “How are you?” we all tend to say “I am fine”.

Why? Why do we want to pretend to the outside world? Is it because we are ashamed? Or is it because we know others are most likely not interested in hearing about our personal battles? Is it because we want to try to convince ourselves that we are going to be fine, even though we don’t feel fine?

They say that it’s better to be an open book. To not pretend to be someone you’re not. To not keep all your drama locked away in your private diary. Apparently, it’s better to embrace yourself with all your flaws and imperfections. To be honest with yourself. Once you’ve accepted yourself and your situation, you’ll be able to grow as a person. You will be able to move on. That is what they say. It’s better to be imperfectly genuine than to be perfectly fake.

King David did many awesome things but he also fell in love with a married woman. He sent the husband on a mission to make sure it would lead to his death, so he could hook up with the woman. When confronted about it, King David was genuinely sorry, pleading for God’s forgiveness. God calls King David “a man to His heart” because the man was imperfectly genuine.

80f9bb622f42ddb921f9105a570c6aefNobody’s perfect. We all have our own battles to fight, our own trials to go through. But, we don’t have to face these things alone. You really don’t have to pretend. The Big Guy upstairs knows everything, He has already seen it all, to Him we are an open book. We can be our imperfectly genuine ourselves and say “God, you know I am not perfect and I am not doing fine. Lead me, guide me and help me out.”

God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He knows your name, He knows what you did last summer and He still loves you. Be imperfectly genuine to Him, because He knows anyway.

God bless you and thanks for lurking 🙂

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