Random Thursday Mumblings

It’s my day off. In the morning I woke up by the wonderful sound of screaming children  terrorizing the school yard not too far from my house. That, and the peaceful noise produced by all sorts of heavy machines.

Since a few weeks now, construction workers and road-workers are lingering around my neighborhood. They’re chopping down trees, supposedly are fixing the sidewalks, roads and parking lots. All in the name of “progress” and “improvement”.

So far they’ve only removed most of the pavement in my street. There are now only dirt roads. It sucks because I’m supposed to show up in a suit and dress shoes for work and to prevent my dress shoes from getting too dirty I just wear an extra pair of sneakers. One to be able to cross the dirt roads in my neighborhood and the other pair I can wear for work.

For the elderly in my street it sucks even more. Thanks to these wonderful improvements done by the roads-workers and construction workers, some of the old people are unable to leave their house. It’s weird, but apparently dirt roads and wheelchairs just doesn’t seem to work well.

Thankfully the weather is nice, sunny and windy. And thankfully my neighbors and I can all still access our backyards without too much difficulty. It’s not like we’re completely imprisoned in our own homes at the moment. It’s been promised a few times now that these construction workers will work as fast as possible. Hopefully before the end of the year. We’ll see.

Thanks to all the tree chopping, the amount of birds that come and eat my leftover rice in my backyard has  increased. Of course the cats in the neighborhood are thrilled about this as well and invite themselves into my yard more.

But hey, it isn’t all that bad.

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