lp_oml_fbog_021417The release of Linkin Park‘s long awaited new album One More Light will be on May 19th. Thus far the songs that they released as a teaser haven’t really left that much of an impression on me. From the album cover to the amount of songs listed; it just didn’t do much for me. Let’s be honest, if someone said One More Light‘s album cover was for a Backstreet Boys album, it would sound legit.


Then they released Heavy. The first single of their upcoming album, which basically sounds like a Kiiara song featuring Chester and Mike. Hardly any of the other band members are hearable on the track. Just a hint of a guitar which could’ve easily been played with a random Digital Audio Workstation such as Ableton or Logic Pro. Which is totally fine, really it is. But I just… Honestly, I was actually downright disappointed. Even ReCharged , the remix album, which I considered a total audio rape for the most part, wasn’t that much of a disappointment.


linkin-park_-_battle-symphonyAfter that, they released Battle Symphony. Sure, it sounds a little better than Heavy. But, I’m still not sure whether to feel annoyed by the repetitive sounds in the song. It’s just one of those songs that dissolves in the massive ocean of pop songs. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m not saying it’s good. It’s just…. meh?

And I feel bad for feeling that way. I’ve been rooting for Linkin Park eversince Hybrid Theory days and I don’t mind experimenting with sounds at all. I just don’t happen to enjoy every single experiment the band tried. Thus far, the new sound of One More Light hasn’t been that appealing to me. Not because I hate pop music. But, because it just doesn’t get me the way their previous work has.

But then the band started promoting their new shit like it’s the golden shit they depend on. Live streams were popping up on Youtube and Facebook, with the band performing acoustic versions of new and old material. Not much later, Mike and Chester starting showing up in random places in Europe and other parts of the world to play some acoustic versions of their upcoming Pop Album. Those acoustic versions are actually a whole lot more interesting to listen to than the original versions. For real! I’ve actually enjoyed all those acoustic sessions. Even if the sound is a bit rough on the edges.

That kind of left an impression on me, the curiosity to want to try and give this new upcoming album of theirs a listen. Full aware that it won’t sound anything like the live sessions. If only just to make sure that it just isn’t my cup of tea. Or maybe it is. Hoping it will be as impressive as the band’s acoustic sessions.

tumblr_onmbbb693z1u8lu5vo2_250It felt a bit weird that the other 4 band members weren’t traveling with them. Why was this? Were the other band members just as disappointing about the way the new album turned out to be? Are they just less devoted, or did they have other things going on that were just too important? It makes one wonder.

Even without the rest of the band, I do have to hand it to Mike and Chester. The two leading band members of Linkin Park proved once again just what kind of musicians they are. Traveling through Europe with public transportation, going from city to city. And then somewhere in Germany they finally met up with the rest of the band, so the worried fan inside of me wasn’t that worried anymore.

Seriously, I’m still keeping fingers crossed for a complete acoustic album. When those guys allow themselves to just play music in this vulnerable form, it sounds like magic. An acoustic album would have been more my cup of tea than whatever One More Light is supposed to be. Or maybe I’m being to quick to judge and should just wait it out and hear it with my own ears. Maybe I should listen to it, without any expectations. Maybe then I won’t be as disappointed as I was when first hearing Heavy.


During their promotional tour, they also visited the capital city of my country. There they announced that they will be coming back for a concert in Amsterdam on June 20th. Fanclub members could purchase their ticket on Monday April 3rd and all the other bums like myself could que up in line at the ticketmaster website on Friday April 7th, which was today at 10.00 CEST.

Despite of how different every album this band makes is and despite the fact that I’m not that thrilled for One More Light, I on the other hand am thrilled that I will be seeing Linkin Park live again for the second time. They give the best concerts. So much energy. So much awesomeness. Their fandom is just so nice and diverse, just like their music. It’s going to be mad fun to scream along in unison with the crowd to this band on June 20th. Looking forward to it. Yay!


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