Yesterday morning I went to see the doctor, because I had been limping around with a painful hip since the day before. The doctor advised me to resort to paracetamol and to try and take it easy. If the pain would linger or get worse throughout the upcoming weeks, I’m supposed to contact the doctor again.

Today I contacted work via email and phone to inform them about the state of my painful hip. They asked whether I’d think I’d be able to show up for work tomorrow, despite the pain I might experience. I told them that if the co-workers wouldn’t mind having to deal with a limping co-host I’d consider it. Being stuck at home isn’t everything.

I’ve been feeling woozy. I’m not sure whether this is because of the pain in my hip or the increase of painkillers I’ve been swallowing are now giving side effects. A pleasant experience it is not, that is for sure.

Meanwhile I worry about my weekend. My mother and I have tickets to see a concert of worship leader Don Moen on Saturday. Thankfully they tickets for seats, so I wouldn’t have to stand for a long amount of time throughout the concert. It’s been a while since mother and I had a nice day out like this with just the two of us. It would suck if I had to cancel it because of my darned hip.

Here’s hoping that things will feel better by tomorrow. Or at least manageable. If there is a will, God will make a way.

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