Flaunting my flaws

It’s an ongoing dilemma. Either ostentatiously pretend to be better than perfect or to just come out as the one who is aware of all their imperfections. Neither way is the best way. You will either turn people against you for being a fake or for being too real. Because nobody likes a fake. But nobody likes someone who is so real, they are visibly embracing every wrong fiber in their being. Because someone like that makes us look at our own reflection from time to time. The reflection we try to ignore so often, because deep down we are all a bit of a fake trying to pretend we are greater than great.

What is a soul to do?

The only one beyond perfect is God. Some might think they are on His level, but the moment they think they are on that level is just extra proof that they are anything but perfect. Someone who has narcissistic tendencies and considers oneself perfect like a god, clearly has issues beyond understanding.

What is a soul to do?

Flaunting with my flaws, I’m anything but perfect this I know. I smoke, I like loud music and often a not so decent word slips through my fingers or escapes my lips. And those are just the visible flaws; The ones everyone can clearly see and hear.  I don’t want to be a hypocrite. But I won’t pretend to be something I’m not, either.

God only knows what a soul is to do. He’s beyond perfection. Christ is for me, behind me, all around me and by His grace I’m free to be.

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