On a limp

59e9ceac3c02a2770f8ba781e9329f2a_53fbedb94811ceaf9c65c84786291a-munisipyo-clipart_416-416It’s been a few months now since I’ve started working as a hostess for city hall in my hometown. They cater to all sorts of civilians. From homeless people seeking shelter, entrepreneurs looking for a way to expand their business and the average Joe who likes to get married; they all venture into city hall. The first face they see is that of my co-hosts or myself. Not a single day is the same and the moment I think I heard or seen all the random things people can do or ask, is the moment I learn to always be prepared for unexpected things.

As a host I have to be on my feet for several hours a day. Especially the first days were quite a physical impact on my feet and legs. But after a few weeks I’ve somewhat gotten used to it.

My work schedule is different every week. I also have to work on Saturdays and thus we always get to have a random day off somewhere in the middle of the week. Today I have a random day off. The weather is nice, lots of sun. I was planning to go out for a stroll, maybe lay a bit in the sun somewhere on the beach.

pimp-limpUnfortunately, I woke up this morning with an unusual pain in my left hip. The moment I try to stand up, it hurts like hell. When I try to walk, it hurts like hell.

Pain in the hip is something for elderly folks! Seriously, I limp like an old skool pimp. I’m way too young for this crap…

Just my luck to have to enjoy my day off like this…  *sigh*

Maybe I stretched a muscle or was sleeping in a weird position, maybe that’s what is the cause of this sudden pain in my hip. I figured to just take it easy, hoping that as the day goes on, the pain would be gone as well. The stroll towards the beach is something I will have to postpone for now.

The pain is still quite present and thus have I made an appointment with my doctor. His schedule was full so the fastest he could see me is tomorrow morning, right before my shift starts at city hall. A part of me still hopes that I will wake up tomorrow without pain in the hip. I really don’t want to call in sick from work but I am not going to torture myself by walking around with this pain in the hip in city hall.

Although I don’t get to stroll towards the beach today, I am still determined to enjoy the sun. Excuse me, while I limp my way into the backyard and collaps in my reclining chair.


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