Underappreciated creatives…


That cartoon right there, made by the awesome creator of theoatmeal.com, sums up how it is like for anyone practicing a creative hobby or job. Those rat anuses have no appreciation for anything a creative person makes, because they are poopies that lack creativity themselves.

Every now and then I design something for a small fee for people. Mostly flyers, posters for online use.  Some customers are very fickle and that makes it hard to please their needs. I’ve tried letting go of what I think is pretty and nice. It’s not necessarily what the customer might consider pretty as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The fee I charge for designing something isn’t big at all. Compared to official designer companies I am very, very, cheap with my price.

A lot of customers unfortunately fail to understand that making something creative takes time and work. They assume that everything can be done within 10 minutes. When technically sometimes it can be done even faster, it makes them think that because they shouldn’t have to pay for it, or pay less. It’s like telling a plumber who fixed the pipes in less than 10 minutes that he shouldn’t be paid for getting his hands dirty. I mean, what the fudge?


I’ve spent several hours a week with this very fickle customer. First they wanted a red background. Then something with a tropical island. They wanted their logo not to be that obvious. Later on they wanted the logo to be all over the flyer. The font wasn’t big enough, not small enough, colors were too plain [black is boring, white is boring: the heck if it is not readable in another color].

Finally, after tweaking several times, the customer claimed to be satisfied with the end result. The flyer looked alright. Nothing too disturbing, despite the exaggerated use of logos and the screaming font colors. I delivered the final design before the deadline.

Because the customer is someone I know personally, I agreed to not receive my fee before the deadline. But after…. Then today I discovered that a customer of mine decided to use another design…  Of course a customer is free to change their mind. This is a thing I do on the side, off the grid. I’ve tried contacting them about why they’ve decided to change the flyer now, but they don’t respond to my calls. They probably won’t pay me, now that they’ve settled for another designer.

All those hours wasted. What a bunch of stupid rat anuses… 😦

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