Another rant

My previous blog post was a rant about a very fickle customer for whom I have designed a flyer. The customer decided, weeks after the deadline, to go for a completely different designer. I tried contacting the customer to ask why they had come to this decision.

Their response was; “People will always have something to say about anything. That’s what we learn from and how we become better adults.” In other words, I shouldn’t be such a crybaby about the design I had worked on for several weeks. If the customer wants something else then so be it. Sure, they have a point there. I wasn’t going to ever make anything for them in the future again though.

Last night while I was about to take my prescribed sleeping pills for an attempt to try and sleep on a more human hour, the customer called me. Apparently something was wrong with the flyer that wad designed by the other designer.  But this designer refused to make any new changes. The real reason why they went for a new designer came to the surface: The other designer was willing to make the flyer for FREE. But they are not willing to tweak the design afterwards. Which is quite normal, really.

And thus the customer calls me again. I told them that it is not my problem, that they should just go back to their new designer and try solve it with them.

Well then. There you have it. You want something for free and then start complaining about the product either way? I just laughed at the customer and wished them good luck. What goes around comes around. Now this customer is still stuck with a product they are not pleased with. I feel sorry for the next designer they try to convince to make something for them…


In the meantime. My wrists are still very painful, my back is still sore and tomorrow I have to go work at the hotel again. I am so looking forward to it. Asked the doctor for stronger pain killers but he told me that wasn’t going to happen so. Maybe I’ll just bring along a bottle of Vodka instead. Vodka is a good painkiller though.

Screw everything right now, seriously.

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