Prescribed sleeping pills

insomniaInsomnia; I’ve dedicated a few blog posts about it in the past. It’s a part of my life since as long as I can remember. Which is quite a long time.

Last week on a Wednesday morning, I unintentionally used the staircase as a slide and hurt my back and wrist. For some reason, I could not help but question what caused me to slip like that in the first place.

As much as I sometimes enjoy staying up til very late and hardly sleeping at all, being able to function properly is quite a chore because of it.

Lately it’s gotten harder, now that I work at the hotel. With a physically demanding job like that, a good nights sleep is highly recommended. Yet despite how tired I am after a day of working at the hotel, I still hardly sleep 3 to 4 hours a night. Sometimes even less.

There are several tips and tricks one can find to cure a bad sleeping pattern. Provided by plenty of unusual intelligent donkeys aka know-it-alls, books and all over the interwebs, all claiming to know how to break through a broken sleeping cycle or “fix” a sleeping disorder.

Wikihow is one of those sources that sometimes can provide useful tips. But the ones I stumbled upon my search to fix my sleeping disorder just cracked me up. There’s the common tips like: Don’t drink coffee, eat too much or smoke a cigarette before  going to bed. Don’t watch TV in bed. Eat healthier. These tips all make sense and I try to resort to them every now and then, but somehow I end up not being able to sleep proper anyways.

Especially tip #4 of their “Cure Sleeping Problems Naturally and Cheaply” was quite the joke to me. I mean seriously:

Go to sleep when you’re tired?

Well duh! As if working a day at the hotel doesn’t make me tired? As if I haven’t tried waiting it out until I was actually physically tired and yet once I do fall asleep I end up waking up after 3 hours again, lying wide awake in bed for several more hours.

The only thing that kind of worked for me, was staying awake for 3 days straight to try and wear myself out. I’d literally crash on the 4th day and sleep for 8 hours. But the next days slowely become the same.

So this morning I went to the doctor again. It was actually to check up on my wrist and back but we ended up talking about my messed up sleeping pattern. Now I’m on prescribed sleeping pills for the upcoming 2 weeks. I’m a bit skeptical about the medication but I sure would like a normal night of sleep.

BTW, it’s my birthday. So… If these sleeping pills work, they are the best birthday gift a girl could dream of. The other birthday gift I had today was that I got sent home from work again, because I was too slow with my hurt ankle and wrist.  They told me to “take it easy today”. Well. With those sleeping pills I might take it real easy tonight. Hopefully.

Have yourself a good day and God speed.





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